About Us

Deffenbaugh, a subsidiary of Waste Management, is headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas. Deffenbaugh and its affiliates operate from locations in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Nebraska. Company and affiliate services include commercial, industrial and residential waste disposal and recycling, construction waste services and portable toilet services.

Deffenbaugh Overview Video--includes an overview of the Deffenbaugh Landfill and the Deffenbaugh Recycling Center process.

Landfill Development and Operations

Deffenbaugh's Landfill is located at Interstate 435 and Holliday Drive in Shawnee, Kansas. Situated on nearly 1,000 acres with a secure perimeter, the Deffenbaugh Landfill is the largest, safest, Subtitle D landfill in the Midwest.

The Deffenbaugh Landfill is the largest disposal facility in greater Kansas City and the state of Kansas. Additionally, Deffenbaugh Industries, Inc. and Affiliates has constructed other municipal solid waste landfills and operates transfer stations and demolition landfills in the Midwest.