Waste & Recycling

Deffenbaugh’s commercial trash collection activities operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our experienced team of solid waste professionals takes pride in their ability to meet the collection and disposal needs of any sized business.

With our own landfill, customizable service and a large business network, we are able to provide competitive pricing and unsurpassed customer service.


Ideal for small alleys and low to medium volume disposal of food, packaging and other solid waste.  Rollers are standard with 2YD and 3YD bins.

2 yard rear load container on wheels

     3 yard rear load trash can     4 yard rear load container


Ideal for standard enclosures and medium to high volume disposal of food, packaging and other solid waste.  6 and 8 yd dock style containers are also available. Lock bar is optional. Request Service.

2 yard front load container

     3 yard front load trash container      4 yard front end load trash container   

6 yard front end load trash can  8 yard front load trash can


8 yard front load comingled recycling container, put everything all in one box

8YD = 69” W X 80” H X 75” D, 8 yard front end cardboard recycling dock style containerDeffenbaugh Recycling® offers both commercial and residential recycling services, including mixed load containers best suited for apartment complexes, schools, churches, offices, and other public facilities. Cardboard only containers are also available for businesses with large numbers of boxes to break down and recycle.

A list of materials that can be recycled is on both sides of each mixed load containers.  You can also view a detailed list of acceptable recycling materials.

All recyclable materials collected will be delivered to the Deffenbaugh Recycling Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) located at 2404 S. 88th Street, Kansas City, Kansas for processing. Materials delivered to the MRF are sorted, baled and shipped to buyers around the world. Established in 1989 as Kansas City’s first recycling center, our state-of-the-art facility allows us to provide commercial businesses with affordable and convenient service.


2 yard front end load hot ash bin


Ideal for the safe disposal of hot ashes and coals.




2 yard front load Ripple glass container for bars and restaurants
As the exclusive hauler for Ripple Glass, Deffenbaugh hauls glass from bars and restaurants in select areas around Kansas City.


For more information regarding commercial trash or recycling services, please call 800-631-3301 or email CustomerService [at] DeffenbaughInc [dot] com (subject: Commercial%20service%20request) (Customer Service).